Hi Folks, In Previous Post we have seen how to send http post request to Firebase.

Today we will see how to send HTTP GET request to firebase.

First of all open http.service.ts and replace it with the code below:



Now we are going to create component that will display the data.

open cmd and run

Now open all-data.component.ts and replace it with following code

Open all-data.component.html and replace it with the following

Guys, In previous post we did not make routes because we have only one view but now we have to create routes because we have multiple views.

One view will display the form that will use to send post request and the another one will  display data.

so now open app.module.ts and replace it with the following code

So app is ready now. 🙂

Run command

open url http://localhost:4200

After submit your data open http://localhost:4200/allData

and see your submitted data

You can see the demo here



You can download source from my GitHub Repository